Stowe House Wedding Photography – Laura and Matt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Stowe is quite simply a mind-blowing venue for a wedding. It smashes other Grade One Listed, Tetrastyle Porticoed, Tuscan Columned, Double Twin Quadrant Colonnaded wedding venues out of the park. And not just because it’s quite near me. Its Tetrastyle Porticos, Tuscan Columns and especially its double Twin Quadrant Colonnades come together to provide the most excellent backdrop for any newly wedded couple floating around on their own cloud of wedding day bliss – and wedding photography at Stowe House is made very simple because of it.

So driving to Stowe the morning of a wedding, I don’t really have to do the whole ‘pull over to check the weather app’ thing – I just drive along smiling gently to myself because I know I will be sorted whether it’s going to be Scorchio, or Soakio™. I’ve been recommended at Stowe House for a few years now. Lucky me.

Matt and Laura actually had a bit of everything – sunshine, blistering sunshine, rain, torrential rain, light breeze, sideways twisters, an evening glow and let’s not forget the Lucky Stowe House Wedding Rainbow that somehow managed to position itself right over the top of the happy couple just when I was taking some pictures of them. Funny that – it definitely wasn’t a case of me waiting until they had had the last spoonful of their beautiful Cavendish pud – and grabbing them, whilst simultaneously squawking about rainbows and sunsets with tears of portfolio glory in my eyes – it definitely didn’t happen like that. I wonder if the Lucky Stowe House Wedding Rainbow might come out again next time I am there in November – a bit like the fabled Ultimate Sunshine Machine that they have in the cupboard at Hedsor House.

So I’m not going to bang on about the wedding too much, as this is really a place to show off my pictures – and it was a humdinger of a day that words couldn’t do much justice to – BUT: Have I ever seen such joy on the face of a bride as she opens the wedding gift from her betrothed? No I have not. And have I EVER seen such excitement on the face of a groom as he opens the wedding gift from his betrothed? NO! I have not. 🙂 And I’m sorry Matt – your boys were right –  you were crying.

So from the Rolex’s to the hurricane, through the beautiful Stowe light, and the crazy buggy ride, to the vast downage of Jagerbombs and the awesome balance of the best Best Man as he delivered his epic speech from a tottering stool, and not to forget the strange and surreal Lion Statue Rodeo, it was a big day! The biggest delight of it all were Laura and Matt who were on superlative form all day long, and were simply a pleasure to be with. Thanks to Liz and her team at Cavendish Events – I do love  working alongside those guys – and to the wonderful Martin the Video, another of my favourite Weddingeers.

After packing away my cameras, I popped round the corner and looked in on one of my Stowe couples from recent years. They are parents now and it was lovely to see them both.

Have a nose at these….