Second Wedding Photography. Why I Love It.

Why do I love shooting Second Weddings? Well, there are many reasons, and at risk of alienating 90% of my client base, I shall explain as best I can.

Second Weddings tend to be relaxed affairs, with less of the spreadsheet and more of the “Oh it’ll be fine…we aren’t that worried” about them.

The couple that have married in a previous life want their second wedding to be less of a life event and more of a party. Less of a ritual and more of a celebration. They often have children that aren’t covered in Nutella by 11am. Kids that help them with their dresses and jackets, and might even give a speech about their Mum or Dad. This always makes me sniffle a little bit behind my lens.

The Second Wedding Couple will often say “We thought we’d spend the wedding car money on a sweetie trolley…”. This is something I heartily approve of.

And during the pre wedding meeting, I will ask them pertinent questions:  “Are you having confetti? / Do you have a flotilla of Bridesmaids? / Have you booked three Make Up Artists in fluorescent branded t-shirts?”.  The answer more often than not will be “Oh No, None of That!”  Something else I am rather fond of hearing.

Second Weddings allow a photographer to relax a smidgeon more into capturing the love of the day. The whole good fortune second-chanceness of it, without having to worry so much about ticking the boxes on the lists. Less family group portraits. Not so many pictures of birdcages, old suitcases and monogrammed fruit crates.

There are many things the elder bride is ok with, that the younger may not be. And that’s fine – on both counts.

Experience has taught me to turn up, fit in, and roll with it photographically. To understand where the couple are coming from, where they have been, who they are, where they are going, and what will blow their socks off when they get their pictures back.

I’m available to shoot second weddings locally and globally. As long as there is no mention of a dove release, a chocolate fountain, or a request to herd all the guests into a heart shape and shoot this group from the top of the castle turrets, I’ll be there…

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second wedding - bride and groom portrait
second wedding - bride arrives at church with father
second wedding - bride and groom in ceremony
second wedding - bride and groom leave ceremony under oar arch
second wedding - bride and groom dusk portrait
second wedding - bride and groom kiss