Weddings allow me to create beautiful, emotional and spirited photographs. I carefully choose my split seconds, where Light, Emotion and Story all fall into place in one frame.

The satisfaction and excitement of producing a collection that will be loved and treasured for generations to come cannot be underestimated. It’s what makes me push myself at each and every wedding. I’ll make you a collection of pictures that you will want to look at forever. This is what I do.

I believe in this:​

and this:

It’s good when

And gets even better with a whole lot of

I love this about weddings

And a bit of this still makes me very happy, and just a little bit teary

In the late nineties, having graduated from the University of Exeter, I travelled the world with fashion photographer Nick Knight shooting for British and American Vogue. I worked with all of the original herd of supermodels, shared a ham sandwich with Linda Evangelista, walked arm in arm through a Parisien rose garden with Christy Turlington (it was a bodyguard thing, not a love thing) and had Cindy Crawford’s kiss print on the front of my diary.

After shooting a wedding as a favour to a friend, word of mouth kicked in and I realised I had found a creative outlet that people valued. Weddings provided a refreshing and personally rewarding environment to shoot in after the dull self congratulation of the world of fashion photography, and I’m no longer interested in cuff length.

I moved from London back to the Buckinghamshire countryside where I lived as a child, and eventually committed myself full time to showing my clients that wedding photography could be so much more exciting than their preconceptions had led them to believe. Since then I have photographed over 700 weddings and am recommended by some of the country’s finest venues.


It’s true, I do love jelly beans and wine gums. I blogged about this once and it resulted in mothers of brides the length and breadth of the country presenting me with confectionery on the morning of their daughters wedding. I had to explain several times that I work just as hard at every wedding, and although I do love a Fruitella or four, it won’t mean the pictures are better composed.

To combat this unfortunate confectionery addiction, I swim 1000m every weekday morning at 9am. If you call me before 9.30, the line won’t be great. My office is a custom built wooden affair perched at the top of my garden, with a large sundeck overlooking green fields.

I have been married to Ali for 21 years, and have been recommended wedding photographer at our wedding venue, Stoke Park Club, for eleven of them. We have three gorgeous children, Will, Ted and Daisy, who keep me young and informed.

At a wedding I’m relaxed, confident, and have been told I am an indispensable calming influence when everything is going everywhere. Amongst other things I carry a small sewing kit, some Waspeze for kids, and a supply of safety pins in my camera bag because I have seen what can happen at weddings…and have saved the day on many occasions. Dressing like a guest allows me to go for the most part unnoticed, and my pictures are all the more honest and intimate for it. I don’t wear all black, and I don’t wear trainers.

I’m a wedding photographer because I get on with people, I’m relaxed and because it’s what I am best at. Look at my testimonials to see what other brides and grooms have said.

That’s far too much about me. I’d love to hear about your wedding day. Email me today or give me a call on 07525 812560, my phone is always in my pocket. Except when I’m swimming.

This has been sent to me by Ottie, one of my very excellent August brides – I’m on the right – with the camera strap – dead giveaway.