I would not describe my photography as ‘edgy’ but I would say it is modern. I would not call myself ‘traditional’ but I believe beauty, humour and narrative are timeless.

I am a documentary photographer, but so it seems is everybody these days, so I’d prefer to call my style Observational. The bottom line is, I shoot what I shoot, but I never forget it’s your day, and these will be your pictures.

By far the most important thing for me is to capture human interaction – to recognise the dynamic between the bride and groom, their family and their friends, and create beautiful and interesting images from moments occurring naturally. My photographs have often been described as honest and warm and gentle, I think this is a result of my fascination with people and their relationships.

A bride recently sent me a framed piece of paper on which she had typed out some of the comments she had received from her friends, family, and readers of her RMW blog post , about her collection of wedding photographs. The two comments that stuck with me most were:

“The happiness is spilling out of my computer screen…”  and

” So refreshing to see some clean, technically brilliant, not over-processed images…”

These two comments resonated particularly, because the first one beautifully sums up my real purpose, and the second because I am a stickler for purity and a hater of photographic gimmickry.

My photographs are either Colour or they are Black and White. I don’t like soft focus, or believe a bright pink bouquet should find it’s way into a black and white photograph. Your wedding photographs will not be made to look as if they were taken in 1952, and they won’t be covered with faux-scratches and yellow stains. I will not ask the ushers to lift the bride off the ground horizontally for a ‘fun’ photo, and I won’t ask either of you to gaze wistfully into the distance, at any point on your day.

If you’d prefer pictures of you and your guests having a great time, over multiple shots of old suitcases, jam jars, birdcages, and awkwardly fashionable pictures of you and your betrothed holding hands with your heads cropped off, then I would humbly suggest that I may well be the photographer for you. Please get in touch.

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