Best of Recent Wedding Photography 1

It’s been a good year. A lot has happened behind the camera – my house is no longer a building site, it’s finished… thanks to the creative whirlwind that is my lovely wife. My eldest son passed his exams and started college. My middle one is out of plaster, and back destroying anything in his path on the rugby pitch, and little Daisy turned 10 and is just a source of endless laughter and sunshine to us all. But in front of the camera….not much has changed, I hope.

Very clever photographers will tell you that’s a bad thing. “Push boundaries! Experiment!” But a wedding’s not a testing ground, and my couples always have and always will want the same timeless thing – a true reflection of the magic of their day, with all the fun in bold type, and all the emotion in capital letters.

Sure, its a little bit about lenses that flatter, and a little about cameras fast enough to capture incredible moments that come and go like fireworks. But most of all it’s about a natural instinct, and the eye to lasso the elements of the day that will forever represent the life and soul of your wedding.