Best of Recent Wedding Photography 2

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I simply don’t believe in flinging your entire wedding out there for one and all to see. Who sees your pictures should be up to you.

Social Media has all but replaced the photographic blog now, and I have a love hate relationship with the good ship Instagram. It used to be about great pictures and not much else – whats not to like? But as Facebook has crawled over it and simple passion for pictures has been replaced with business opportunity, advertisements and mutual industry back-slapping for ‘likes’, it’s rather lost it’s appeal for me.

Having said that I do enjoy the idea of a little updatable portfolio on my phone, and I guess it’s still that if nothing else. So if you are over in Instaville, have a look at @guyhearnphotography – just don’t expect any pictures of coffee, or mountain vistas tagged #notabadviewfromtheofficetoday . If you are at all interested in where I make the coffee that I drink but never photograph, then head over to @alihearninteriors to see where the magic happens.