Best of Recent Wedding Photography 4

Looking back over this year I can see a lot of rain flying around in the pictures….there are a couple of pairs of wellies in evidence….but also let’s not forget the summer where even having your wedding in the back of an industrial freezer wasn’t going to keep anybody cool.

I shot the wedding of England Rugby captain Owen Farrell, I photographed the first wedding ever in the Old Bailey, I got given an awful lot of wine gums (the main reason I do this job, let’s face it), I hit 700 weddings to date, and I met possibly the loveliest bunch of brides and grooms of my career. There’s a lot of laughing, a lot of hugging, a lot of kissing and a whole truckload of having the best day ever. It was a good year.

Here is the first bunch of my favourite photographs – the rules apply as ever: No silly filters – No bouquets in front of faces – No couples looking miserable lying on their backs! Yay / Whoop / Boom etc – here’s what happened.