Thanks from an M-O-B… Bucks Marquee Wedding

You may be an M-O-B yourself – or maybe an F-O-B. Possibly an M-U-A or a W-P – but probably you are a bride or a groom.

Sometimes when people enquire for a wedding date, I find myself thinking when we are having an intial chat, “How on earth can I reeeeaaaally convince you that I mean what I am saying?”

That I don’t have a sales pitch – I just like talking about my pictures…..That I do mix well with guests and don’t cause a fuss or bother when taking photographs at weddings…. I don’t wear a brown suit and a Mickey Mouse tie, and I don’t tell silly jokes to make you smile for the camera. I do move quietly in a church, and I never upset the caterers by running late with the family pictures, because I do them towards the start of the reception.

I tell it how it is, I really do. But with so many photographers out there these days, sometimes I do get to thinking “Why should you believe me?”

So I just got this email from an M-O-B – Mother of the Bride – I’m sure you know that – but moving on…. who told me she would be very happy for me to post this on my blog.

So posting it I am:

“P and I wanted to thank you so much for what you did for Emma and Rob’s wedding day. As you know, Jane recommended you, and from the moment we first spoke to you we all knew we had made the right decision in arranging the wedding date around your availability…only booking the church after speaking to you! 

The photos are absolutely fantastic. You have captured both Emma and Rob brilliantly and recorded the joy of the day in such a way as to provide us with the most enchanting photos to be able to look back on. We were impressed with the clarity, colour & compositions; the way you caught people naturally and some of the more unusual and hilarious moments….

Having looked at all the photos, we see that they have been taken from so many different positions within the church and the reception. Thinking back, no one was aware of you moving around which is something we have been conscious of with some photographers at other weddings. You did tell us this at our meeting, but it was remarkable how you did it so cleverly, by stealth! This is something that many of our guests have also subsequently commented on! 

We were incredibly impressed that during the speeches, when people were mentioned, you were able to instantly pick them out from the tables and capture those moments so beautifully…it was remarkable, considering you had only met those guests that day!

We have already, and will continue to recommend you at any opportunity! We could not be happier with all that you did that day. If you ever need to give our name to any other prospective clients, we would be delighted to sing your praises further!

With our huge thanks and very best wishes