A Beautiful Outdoor Wedding at Notley Abbey

As you may or may not know, I’m afraid I am not one to sprint to my computer to splatter your wedding all over facebook within minutes of the first dance finishing. I am not even one to tweet, one handed, about the honour and excitement of being off to shoot your incredible day, as I am driving down the motorway to your wedding venue. I may pop the odd picture on Instagram – the only form of social media I have any time for – but this will be for the sake of the photograph, not for likes or shares or tagging your nephews dog in the hope that said dog will one day need a wedding photographer. Anyway I digress.  The fact is I’m really lazy when it comes to blogging, and would rather be outside somewhere. There – I said it. So there’s a backlog, and it’s about now that you will start seeing lovely summer weddings being posted in the middle of winter.

So….Gemma and Dan got married last year at Notley Abbey – one of my favourite local venues and somewhere I have been shooting since 2009. Gemma is a very important person at Bijou Weddings, the owners of Notley Abbey, so I was very happy that she chose me to shoot for her.

Since then I have been added to the exclusive list of Bijou Wedding Venues preferred suppliers and am looking forward to a 2017 full of epic weddings at their gorgeous venues.

You can see a little slideshow here – or scroll down for some rather fetching imagery of the first part of the day 🙂