Notley Abbey Wedding Photography – Emma & Alex

Emma and Alex got married at one of my favourite wedding venues – the very excellent Notley Abbey near Thame in Bucks – a dream for photography and a hop and a skip from GHP HQ. The thing I will remember about this wedding was the incredible colour – even on a day of mixed weather conditions, the wedding was saturated with beautiful pinks and yellows and greens and oranges. The bridesmaids dresses, the guests, the cake, it was a colourfest that made your average rainbow look monochrome. I had yet another chance to work with the immensely talented make up artist Jodie Santer, who is an incredibly calming influence on any crazy wedding morning, and highly recommended by me.

Emma and Alex smiled their big smiles all day, and Alex’s spontaneous one-liners during the ceremony deserved some kind of award. As ever the lovely registrars at Notley were very welcoming, and certainly put everyone at ease.

We beat the rain (just) and got our bride and groom portraits done under the (literally) awesome canopy of the neverending avenue of trees that leads to Notley Abbey. It really is an incredible venue for wedding photography – the outdoor space is vast and the light all around the place is just fab, inside or out.

I’m looking forward to photographing another wedding at Notley Abbey in a few weeks time.
notley abbey bridal suite

notley abbey bride

notley abbey front

pink bridesmaids dress

bridal suite at notley abbey

guests at notley abbey

wet wedding photo

groom laughing at notley abbey

dj groom notley abbey

pink wedding dress

notley abbey civil ceremony

notley abbey ceremony photo

bride laughing

bride handkerchief

red wedding hat mother of bride

notley abbey aisle

notley abbey confetti

notley abbey reception

notley abbey couple photo

notley abbey view

notley abbey bridge

notley abbey formal photo

notley abbey monks barn

notley abbey wedding breakfast

notley abbey wedding cake

notley abbey speeches

notley abbey speeches

orange pink wedding cake

notley abbey wedding dress

notley abbey first dance

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