Natalie & Richard

A local wedding for me and a welcome rest from Christmas armchair living, as Natalie and Richard got married on December 29th, on what turned out to be another rather undry day. Luckily for me, and Richard, Natalie was another contender for the winner of Biggest Smile, Wettest Wedding Award  – in fact if precipitation was on the x axis of the graph, and width of smile (mm) was on the y axis, the graph all but formed a perfect diagonal, upwards from bottom left. Good for her.

I am thankful to say that this year all my brides blessed with an undry wedding have been gorgeous and happy and have given not a hoot. That’s good. If it rains on your wedding day, remember there is nothing you can do about it, nobody up there hates you, and you don’t want your guests feeling sorry for you on your big day, so SMILE and ROLL WITH IT! 🙂