More Winter Loveliness at Hedsor House

hedsor house dancefloor

Just finished editing the third of my four in a row Hedsor House winter weddings, so I am able to bring you my favourites from Nikki and Tim’s HH Spectacular. And yes, Lucy and co. at the  most epic wedding venue this side of everywhere, did switch on the fabled Hedsor House Sunshine Machine™ for the day.

You know you are doing something right in life, when your warm sunny wedding day is sandwiched smack bang between Thursday’s STORM DORIS (ooooer!) and…well, just a bit of a rubbish wet Saturday. So fair play to them, they were a chilled out, full of fun couple to hang out with on a Friday round the corner from my place – AND we took loads of great pics….perfect. Possibly the best ‘Dad sees Daughter’ moment ever as Nikki’s father came into the Hedsor House Bridal Suite – too many to show here but an amazing and heartwarming sequence of pictures.

I’m not going to pad this post out for the sake of it with unnecessary ramblings about what a great day it was….. it just was!

*serious voice on*  Nikki and Tim you gave me the opportunity to get the luckiest grab shot ever on the dancefloor, at the moment Nikki sees Tim showing the world his very excellent Port and Starboard wedding socks. I humbly thank you.  *serious voice off*

I’ve been recommended at Hedsor House since 2009 – that’s eight years and counting – and I have never taken this shot. I’m sure the architect for this fabulous building wouldn’t be too happy with me, and I’m sure the owner of the car is going to be wondering why his dream machine is a blur, but after kneeling for two minutes on damp gravel trying to focus on a distant reflection, I was rather pleased with the outcome. There you have it – bad architectural photography, awful car photography – but Slightly Out Of Focus Abstract Wedding Venue Photography at it’s finest 🙂