Hedsor House – Love on the Balcony

Jen and Anthony met on the 137 bus somewhere around Clapham Junction. I used to get the 137 bus a lot when I lived in London, so I was very darned pleased when they invited me to shoot their wedding at Hedsor House. Like it was meant to be, with the 137 and all. I am angling for my own bedroom at Hedsor House, as this was my fifth of the year at this venue of venues. It’s always a ball though, as I love everyone there – and this time it was mighty fine to be welcomed in by the ever excellent Andy from Caper and Berry. Another superfab wedding with a lovely couple, and a great band starring Jen’s brother Matthew on bass guitar…Respeck!

One of the funniest things I have ever seen in that bridal suite – one of Jen’s amazing troupe of 56 Bridemaids realising that she had neglected to get out of her black poloneck jumper before having her hair done. Ooops. As it happens I do carry a pair of scissors in my camera bag (next to the safety pins and the Wasp-Eze) so was able to help Jen out when she decided she was going to have to cut Abby out of her jumper. It was like watching a fireman at a motorway accident, except with more Jo Malone, and less blue flashing lights. You’ll be happy to hear that Abby was freed safely and went on to have a lovely time at the wedding.

There were flowers by Ruby and Grace – Hannah you are a legend…there was a cake by Melissa Woodland – same goes for you. There were big light up letters that spelt VOLE (some joker had rearranged them – you know who you are!) and Hedsor House did it’s thing as ever – a wonderful spot for a bit of weddingphotographaphery.

Here are some of my favourites – I loved this wedding.