Brocket Hall Wedding Photography

Marlene and I had been trading emails for nearly a year discussing the ups and the downs of a successful wedding….I’m quite a dab hand at being able to advise on the many aspects of what makes a wedding better than just simply fantastic. As wedding photographers, we see a lot more weddings up close and personal than the magazines and the listings websites, and although I am not about to set up ‘Guy Hearn Inc. Little White Confetti Book Wedding Fluffy Directory’ anytime soon, I am quite a good port of call if you want to snoop at pictures of flowers, table decorations, venues and CAKES.

Marlene managed to secure the services of McQueens florists whose flowers are always absolutely exquisite. I’m a boy but even I can see that they know how to put a lily in a vase better than most. Her wedding was amazing fun from beginning to end, and Brocket Hall Golf Club with it’s vast views stretching out over the lake did her proud.

The rain stayed away until the minute they sat down to eat, when the heavens opened and Ben the Vid and I got some fab black sky bouncing puddles pictures. No one got wet, other than getting splashed by the tears of laughter invoked by Liam’s brothers very excellent speech at the end of the wedding breakfast. Here are some shots from the day….