A Winter Wedding at Hedsor House to start the year

As a wedding photographer, January is the quietest time of the year here, a time usually set aside for bike cleaning, office tidying, and a desperate bid to lose the weight that somehow jumps on me in December every year – what’s with that anyway?? I took two trips to Scotland – both photography related (kinda) which meant a glorious 18 hours of train time with my laptop, wading through the 20,060 photographs I delivered to ecstatic brides and grooms in 2016. I only got to about number 10,030…. so watch this space – actually – don’t watch it – just come back and look when you have nothing better to do. It. May. Happen.

So back home to Hedsor House – my first three weddings of the year are here at Hedsor, so just as well I live round the corner. These guys were a treat for me – smiles and fun and a lot of fizz all day. It was a crazy weather day – dismal morning followed by blistering sunshine for the helicopter ride – as you do – a monsoon as soon as the guests had entered the house for the drinks reception, and then a Hedsor House sunset extraordinaire later on.

My lovely friends from Cavendish Events running the day as smoothly as ever… a completely ace videoguy Danny Reeve who I have not worked with before but hope to again. Magician Impossible Simon Alexander, and the very talented and enigmatic Richard Sully tinkling the ivories throughout the day.

Here are some of my favourites from this Hedsor House winter wedding.