Top 50 Hengrave Hall Wedding Photos Part Two!

Back to Cami & Manoj and their amazing Hengrave Hall Wedding! The champagne reception was drenched in sunshine, and the delightful chirrup of small children haring around with croquet mallets and giant Jenga blocks rang out in the still spring air…. (B at English A-level, it’s true). The speeches were fantastic – Cami’s father was able to deliver his oration from the steps on Hengrave Hall’s West Terrace, and Manoj and his boys gave theirs in the Long Gallery.

Hengrave Hall’s Long Gallery looks great whenever I see it – but decked out by the phenomenal gents and ladies at Tudor Rose in Bury St Edmunds, it really does come into it’s own. I have never seen quite such an incredible display of flowers there. And I loved the layout of the tables, two super long guest tables down either edge. It works really well for photography. We had discussed this layout in my StudioOfficeLuxuryAlpineCabinExecutiveShed™ when Manoj and Camille came to visit – but one wanted it and one didn’t – I can’t remember which way round it was, so can’t remember who won!

Here are the rest of my favourite photos from their Spring Hengrave Hall Wedding – all you hipsters out there, apologies for no crusty sepia tones, faded out blacks, and yellowy weird colour splodges etc etc. No heads were chopped off in the making of these pictures.