Stoke Park Photography – Rebecca & Marc

stoke park bridge photograph

Rebecca and Marc held their wedding right in the middle of this years Spring Festival of Rain…although managed to escape the wet stuff all day long. Well not quite – I made the girls pop outside during hair and make up for a ‘through-the-daffodils’ special. And just as we stepped out, down it came – but we got the picture and all hair remained unharmed. Which was good as I would have had to (and was willing to) take full responsibility.

Although I wasn’t permitted to get to quite the position I wanted, the church was light and spacious, and it was good to shoot there at last, as my school best friend’s Dad used to be the vicar, a long time ago in a galaxy far away 🙂 After the service and some very excellent confetti sprinkling by the guests we headed over to my all time super favourite (well joint equal super favourite) venue Stoke Park Club. Regular readers get your sleeping bags out….I GOT MARRIED THERE MYSELF…in case I haven’t mentioned it – so I love going back every time and seeing other folks enjoy it as much as we did.

Beautiful and unexpected blue skies greeted us, and it was sunny all day, at least until it didn’t matter. Later we went out to the bridge at dusk, to get some of those legendary Stoke Park photography views – wedding photography heaven. Here are some favourites – click the More button to see all of them.

bride in make up at home

wedding guest book

purple flowers bouquet

stoke park wedding photography

wedding daffodils

rolls royce wedding car

beaconsfield church photograph

pageboys in suits

bride arriving at st marys church

bride arriving at church door

stoke park wedding photography

ring exchange st marys

first kiss

confetti line

stoke park club photograph sun

stoke park gardens

stoke park wedding portrait

stoke park bridal portrait

stoke park grounds

stoke park bride

stoke park bride portrait

stoke park reception

stoke park fountain

stoke park fountain photograph

stoke park sunny wedding

girls at stoke park

stoke park wet wedding

stoke park drinks reception

stoke park wet wedding guests

stoke park wedding dress

stoke park fountain room

entering stoke park fountain room

bride in fountain room

speeches in fountain room stoke park

stoke park lake photograph

stoke park bridge photograph

stoke park night photo

stoke park dancing in ballroom

stoke park ballroom photo

stoke park ballroom photo