L series Lenses For Sale (to make you a better photographer!)

Clearing out my camera bag, as I now have so many duplicate lenses, thought I’d show them here. I’m not sure how many aspiring photographers read this, but you never know.

Canon 85mm F1.2 L Mk1 lens – a peachy prime lens worth it’s weight in gold. Superb for low light situations and portraits. Minimal wear, a couple of scuff marks on the casing but only just enough to make you look like you are a true pro and have been out in the field shooting in critical situations! Optically perfect, glass 100% clean. I shot half of my My Vision workshop using this lens (https://www.guyhearn.com/blog/2010/02/18/myvision-2010/), and most of my 2009 weddings. I use the 85mm for about 60% of my wedding images, it’s an awesome lens and I wouldn’t be without one. It’s just that I have two. Also included, Canon Lens shade worth £55, and front and rear lens caps. SOLD.

Canon 16-35mm F2.8 L lens – super wide to standard wide zoom lens, of the L variety (yes, that red ring will set you aside from the Uncle Bob’s and their EOS 500s at weddings). Again as with the 85mmm this lens is optically perfect, and has been Canon serviced six months ago. More scuff marks than the 85 thus much cheaper price tag, but it’s all cosmetic. Also included, custom lens shade worth £30, and of course front and rear lens caps. A great documentary lens, allows you to get right in close and get the action with speed and clarity. SOLD

Email or call me if you are interested in either, will consider a package deal. guy@guyhearn.com / 07525 812560