Sarah & Crispin – Wedding Photography, The Gherkin 30/01/10

The Gherkin (hilariously nicknamed 30 St. Mary Axe, London EC3 by its denigrators) is a pretty amazing building into which to gain access, but if you are allowed up there to shoot pictures to your hearts content, The Gherkin is a dream. Wedding Photography has never been so much wide eyed fun.

Sarah & Crispin ordered a bright blue clearsky day and paid extra for the sunset which from the 39th floor of …30 St. Mary Axe (titter titter) was stunning. The service was also wonderful for many reasons.  The enigmatic Rev. Ross of St. Olave Hart Street let me quietly get on with my job, access all areas, while he gave a memorable and heartwarming address. I was happy to help when he asked me to grab a glass of water for Sarah mid-service, but when I got to the kitchen I could only find a coffee mug. That wasn’t going to look too classy in the pictures, thought I, and persevered. So Sarah if you are wondering why I took so long, I was zooming around the church kitchen like the proverbial blue bottomed fly looking for a bridalesque glass – which I eventually found. Sarah’s throat suffered a tad more than it should have for my fussiness, I fear 🙂