Apparently April is the driest month in Galway, and Niamh and Matt hit the nail right on the head with their choice of date. April 10, the hottest day of the year so far, who would have thought?  I knew from the first contact with these two that the wedding would be amazing, and that we would get on like a house on fire, which we did. Although I was sorely disappointed when it was revealed to me that Niamh’s plan for an Orange pumpkin shaped Fairytale Carriage (à la that wretched Jordan woman) was actually just a fallacy. Darn it. Mind you – that didn’t mean there was a lack of orange at the wedding…..check out the…well…everything really….

The Irish hospitality was as wonderful as ever it was, and I was at a decidedly oblique angle against the bar long after I had finished shooting, being force-fed exotic drinks by all and sundry. Ended up on the hotel steps with Niamh and Matt quaffing Guinness. When in Galway, do as the etc etc.  Okay then.

My plane home was very early in the morning, only had about 40 seats, and had propellers. I didn’t feel too sharp to be honest…but slightly sharper than at least one wedding guest on the same flight who had stayed up all night testing refreshing beverages….ooer….

Niamh wrote me this:


Just wanted to say that the photos are absolutely amazing! Looking through them, each picture made us smile, and each one brought back so many happy memories. You completely managed to capture the day! And the photos themselves are fabulous. I now want to go out and buy 441 picture frames!!!

Also, as I already mentioned on the phone, everyone commented on how lovely you were – and how invisible!! We have sent the link on to our families and the bridesmaids (we will pass on to the rest of our friends asap) and they all were amazed not only at how fabulous the pictures are and how amazing everything (and everyone) looks, but also at how you managed to take so many pictures without anyone realising you were doing it!

From me personally just wanted to also thank you for being so warm, so relaxed (although totally in control!) and so nice. You really put me at ease – and even Matt relaxed… in the end :)We had such a fantastic time, and so much fun, and it’s wonderful to have such vivid reminders. Thank you so so much for ensuring our happy memories of such a perfect day don’t fade.

Thanks again so much and speak to you soon.

Niamh x

PS When I said I thought it would be fun to have a picture of me in my wedding dress with a pint of Guinness, I had envisaged something a littlle more lady-like than being caught at the same time with a dirty big grin on my face and my tongue out!!  Haha – you can take the girl out of Exeter… 😉 “