Laura & Andrew – Summer Wedding Photography at Hengrave Hall

I’m starting the year by playing catching up after my frantic last 6 months. I was up and down from Hengrave more times than ever over the summer – such that by the end of September the lady at the Barton Mills Travelodge was calling me by name and I kept being given ‘my usual room’ – an all time low in my career 🙂

However all the Travelodge pain was worth it as I got to shoot at Hengrave 6 times in as many weeks, and as ever was blown away by the quality of the venue for so many reasons. Big Thanks to Hannah and the team for looking after me so well.

Laura and Andrew’s day was one I was looking forward to as they understood my style and from the start were happy to let me do my thing without bombarding me with lists plucked from magazines, and giving me 900 family shots to do in 10 minutes. The weather was great – not too hot not too cold, and there was even a gentle breeze to give me my flying veil photofix.

The speeches were legendary, and my evening culminated in the opportunity to photograph a first at Hengrave – Ping Pong by Candlelight – which was very ossum indeed. We also managed to capture that velvety navy blue sky that pops up at Hengrave Hall every now and again when the planets are aligned. Very nice too. A great wedding, a great couple and of course a fantastic venue. Here are some favourites from Laura and Andrew’s Hengrave Hall Wedding….