I was warned by the church verger that Karen & Neil’s vicar was on the warpath, after clashing with two very rude and intrusive wedding photographers the day before…its not the first time I have come up against this, because for every grumpy vicar, there are as many thoughtless photographers. 

When I met her she was lovely, and she let me photograph from wherever I deemed fit. I ended up apologising on behalf of the other two muppets….I’m not sure why. Anyway the verger was a bit distraught that I had won her over and got a bit petty with the door. It’s possible to get some beautiful shots from inside the church looking out, before the bride enters, with the light streaming through the veil and everyone getting all emotional – lovely! Unfortunately, even though nobody would have been able to see the bride, he refused to open the door any more than a hairline crack – not even enough for my lens to poke through! If it wasn’t such a misguided act of ‘duty’ to the bride, it would have been comic.

So Karen didn’t get quite the shot I had hoped for – thanks to the verger 




















So I took this straight afterwards, just because I could. Say no more…


Anyway – we had a great day – its such a fab venue, and we managed to get outside for the shots of Karen & Neil, who were lovely to photograph. Here are some of my own favourites from the day, all the rest can be seen in my recent weddings section.