I am out of here for a few days, and off to Brighton for the first incarnation of MYVISION – a hardcore photojournalism workshop run by some of the most respected names in the business of shooting cutting edge documentary wedding photography. I was lucky enough to be chosen along with 19 other lambs to the slaughter for MyVision 2010 – the backbone of which is to undertake a two day assignment photographing…er…I’ll find out the morning of the shoot. It may be that my challenge is to shoot the inside of a ping pong ball in a narrative style for 48 hours, or spend two days on a maternity ward, or a jaunt with a grave digger perhaps. We shall see – all will be revealed on Monday morning.

Following our first day we will be subjected to a full on critique of our work until the early hours of the morning, with a view to going out and repeating the process the next day until we have completely nailed the assignment (a luxury you don’t get with a wedding of course, but a fantastic way to experiment and discover even better ways of getting great storytelling images). So 20 assignments being undertaken, 40 critiques, a full day of post production on Wednesday, culminating in an evening of slideshows, exhaustion, laughter and no doubt, some tears (and beers 🙂 ).

A huge amount of effort has been put in by the organisers, and we are all looking forward to it immensely. I am constantly striving to improve, and although I reign supreme as the worlds greatest living wedding photographer (yes, I know, but it’s true, you ask my mum) I am looking forward to being dumped unceremoniously outside my comfort zone, with no fluffy dresses, yummy cakes or confetti to be seen – for a 4 day photographic armageddon that will chuck me out the other end, hopefully even more capable than I was when I went in.

Hmm what kind of picture can I follow that with????

Well – how about some hastily assembled random favourite documentary images from the archive?