Woburn Sculpture Gallery Wedding Photography – Zoe & Andy

I had never shot a wedding at Woburn Sculpture Gallery before so was looking forward to this. It’s a very good venue for photography come rain or shine, because of the huuuuge floor to ceiling windows which sidelight the ceremony beautifully. There are a few shots from the day  that I grabbed very much on the fly but was really happy about – the Rabbi checking his phone whilst organising the ketubah, the light splashing down on Angela Bridesmaid’s hair in an otherwise dark image (see previous post), some of the crazy dancing during the Chora – it was a very rewarding wedding for me.

Talking of the dancing – the last thing Andy said to me before he got whisked into the middle of the human whisk, was “Get stuck in!”. I did of course, and although I suffered a mild dead leg and a stamped on foot, I’m happy to say my cameras made it through just fine! Thanks to Toastmaster extraordinaire Mike Jacobs who kept the day running with such aplomb. I will be adding him to my recommended crew – for being totally in control, yet totally amenable and affable. There are many Toastmasters who are 1), but not so much 2) or 3) 🙂

Here are some of my favourites, see the whole story here