Hedsor House – Single File – July 2011

Just editing my second wedding in seven days at number one venue Hedsor House in Taplow, Bucks. Hannah & Neil’s pictures coming soon…. The team at Class Act always pull out all the stops with their lighting, but the rich purples and pinks up in the gallery on Saturday were striking to say the least.…


Single File – Amersham Wedding Photography

I’m just processing Nikki and Dan’s wedding which they held at Chiltern Rugby Club. The last time I was in there I had a borrowed guitar round my neck and was singing tunelessly into a microphone covered in sellotape. School bands eh? We thought we were quite good at the time. Unfortunately there is videotape…


Single File

Here’s one I love from Saturday – the rain was absolutely slamming down on the car, and Emma had the good sense to wait a while before emerging. But she kept smiling and it paid off, and when she and Tom exited the church, the sun came out big and bright.

Amersham & Beaconsfield Portrait Photographer June 2011

Last month I spent three days in Ted’s primary school talking to the children about photography, and how things have changed over the years. I showed them a few things that would help them take better pictures, and hopefully inspired them to take some photographs over the holidays… Following the very grown up series of…


Kathleen & Simon’s wedding at Blenheim Palace

Back again – another crazy weather day, soaking wet, boiling hot, not to mention the wind. Kathleen’s mother’ hat took a couple of tumbles during the family shots but everyone had a fantastic day. We took a buggy down to the lake – Dan and I stuffed into the back seat with all our gear…


Amanda & Mike at Blenheim Palace

Wedding Photography at Blenheim Palace…mmm, aahh…you can almost feel the rumble of the horses hooves under the grand arch, and smell the polish on the suits of armour as the scullery maids cook up meals fit for kings in the pantry below…. Or am I getting carried away? It’s such a great venue, I’m not…