Waft the Dress!!!

You may have heard of Trash the Dress, the rather unbecoming American fashion for jumping in the sea, or climbing into a dustbin, wearing your dress, the day after your wedding. Well we at Hearn Towers would like to share with you Waft The Dress (TM). Ok, just a lightweight post this, but I re-saw this picture of Anna from a few weeks ago, and thought I’d put it up again as the light is so mad. An ickle bit of retouching, but not overly so. Then I remembered the shot of Cassie on the roof of the hotel in Santorini – then realised that Cassie and Anna bridesmaided for each other, and it all got a bit circles within circles, light and dress wafting. So here are WAFT THE DRESS numbers 1 and 2 in a series of many I hope. Also a picture of Matt taken on my iPhone the morning of his wedding, standing in the same place as the shot above. He scrubs up nice does Matt…..al445cj2691img_1043