Vanessa & Harvey – Worcestershire Wedding Photography – 21/11/09

Vanessa and Harvey’s wedding reception was held in a marquee up on a hill in Martley. It was rather an ‘undry’ day, but Vanessa thankfully was one of those smiling brides who just got on with it. When you see the umbrella shots to and from church, Harvey carrying her into the marque to avoid the mud, and all the other exterior photographs, you won’t see the smile fading – they had a great time and everyone pulled together to make it a spectacular day, with many old friends from previous weddings.

The marquee guys had nailed it down sufficiently so there were no disasters, and the DJs (Penguins) lighting was mindblowing – for the sake of the photographs, I think it should be a legal requirement for DJs to have as much kit as these dudes turned up with! Working with my esteemed colleague Dan Neatherway of From the Hip video productions is always a treat, and as ever, there was no footsteppingon, and no shotgettingin.

At the end of the night I had to thanks my lucky iPhone stars, because my satnav went pouf in a puff of smoke and there I sat in the middle of a rainy field covered in mud not really knowing where I was. Strangely I had downloaded the TomTom satnav aplication for my phone the night before as a backup just in case of this kind of occurrence, and it got me home famously. With a little help from Red Bull, Quavers, and the Jam’s Greatest Hits.

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