Wildlife Photography by my big brother.

Okay so now my brother is not only standing on my photographic toes, he’s nicking the font on my watermark!

Seriously, my big bro, of whom I am extremely proud, has left his prestigious post at Saatchi & Saatchi and is now, when not freelance copywriting, pursuing his rather excellent wildlife photography more full time.

Over the last ten years he has travelled the world with a bagful of Nikon (…I know….Nikon…nothing to do with me) and achieved some breathtaking results. We are in the process of rejigging his website, more to follow on this, but it’s all exciting stuff.

I was watermarking this image to be used by an African game reserve on their site, when I thought, ‘Golly gosh, the world needs to see this right now.’ So here it is 🙂

And one more…(this is how I feel when I set off for a wedding, heh heh)