Syon Park Wedding Photography

Can you tell I’m catching up here? May weddings being blogged in July?? Whatever next!

Alex and Alastair got married in Barnes and had their reception at Syon House – I am having a great run of venues this summer, every one’s a winner. They were driven in a very cool Fiat 500 from this splendid gent, who didn’t get in my way by opening the door and sticking his bottom in my face, and didn’t pose Alex with one hand on the window sill and one foot on the ground as she was getting out of the motor. How refreshing 🙂

Syon Park is fabulous for wedding photography, as you have areas with lovely light come rain or shine. Today we had shine, and buckets of it. All the space in the world to shoot the family pictures by the great conservatory, and the enthusiastic services of Margaret to help us on our way.

A great day, some very moving speeches, a bunch of extraordinarily well behaved kids, and a very happy couple. Some of my faves….