St Audries Wedding Photography – Fran & Steve

Ok. I know. I am a bad man. And my blog officially hates me. I have left it on its own and paid no attention to it for two months.

Like a dog in a hot car, I haven’t fed it, watered it, given it any Jelly Beans, nothing. So now as summer has drawn to a close it’s time to let it stretch its virtual legs again, and for me to go get a new bag of jelly beans which we can share – although I will be in charge of who gets how many.

So cast your minds back to that hot hot summer of 2010 – we last caught up with Laura and Phil at Stoke Park at the end of July – they are now expecting a baby, Laura popped round last week to pick up some prints, and I have been pencilled in to shoot Phil’s usher’s wedding in 2012. Since then I have shot 16 weddings and intend to go back and show you what was what at each and every one of them. There – I said it. Now I have to do it 🙂

So last weekend I took a trip to Somerset for the wedding of Fran and Steve, at the wonderful St Audries Park near Minehead. All day long I could be spotted mumbling and grumbling about how I wished it was closer to home because it is such and incredible venue for photography. St Audries is to wedding photography what Tommy Ketchup is to Heinz – flagship material. High windows, directional light, beautiful gardens, no tourists or golfers, the amazing Orangery, lovely staff and a balcony to shoot the dancing from. It really is a wedding photographers dream come rain or shine. I JUST WISH IT WAS CLOSER!!!!

Fran and Steve had the weather that you really hope for in October – crisp and sunny, and when they went in for their wedding breakfast, it rained. And because they had their civil ceremony in the Orangery (a veritable tearfest I can tell you), and then a blessing in the chapel, I got the best of both worlds. It was like a two centred holiday.

When you are looking at the pictures, repeat the mantra – “She looks like Kirsten Dunst – but she’s Fran. She looks like Kirsten Dunst – but she’s Fran..” That’s what I had to do. Nearly sellotaped a note to the back of my camera. Special thanks to Claire at St Audries who looked after everyone (and me) so very well from dawn til dusk.