Sowsan & Mike – The Landmark, London

Sowsan is my Best Blog Follower – and contacts me regularly to comment on the latest posts – okay there haven’t been so many recently but that’s by the by. Until I met her I thought it was just me and my mum that read it. Anyway – now there are three of us. Yay.

We had a great day and, although I was under major pressure to pull all sorts of cats out of all sorts of bags for Sowsan (her being my Best Blog Follower and all that), I really enjoyed being surrounded by the amazing vibrance (and colourful attire) of Sowsans friends and family from Sudan. Her mother tested out some scented bridal oil on my left hand first thing (don’t ask – I was just there, that’s all) – and my camera still smells all bridal some weeks later. 😯

The dancing was legendary – I got stuck in and just managed to avoid injury….but realised after a few minutes that I was much safer standing on a wobbly chair on the sidelines. A lovely day and very nice to be so appreciated at the same time. After all, I’m just a lowly wedding photographer innit. Thanks for making me feel so welcome Sowsan – IF you are reading this, heh heh!

Here are my faves…

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