Single File – Hedsor House Photographer 2011

I just revisited Laura and Richard’s supersunny Hedsor House wedding photographs – this reminded me of the three minute drive I took behind their fantastic white Triumph Herald. The plan was that I would overtake them at some point on the extremely short journey so that I could hunker down in the bluebells and get them coming past, all spontaneous like I just happened to be lying there with my cameras etc etc

When they left the church they had about 10 coke cans tied to the back of the car. When they arrived at Hedsor House they had two. As I was following them, it was like being fired at with bouncing bombs. I was happy to overtake and seek refuge in the bluebells, and my car was too. Have since repaired damage to black bonnet with black marker pen. No bluebells were harmed during the making of this picture. Well….not many.
Hedsor house wedding photography