I don’t want to do Schools Photography….but….

Will has just broken up for half term – his last before leaving his amazing little school in July. The school only has 40 or so pupils and only enough space to keep them there for three years before they move on to ‘BIG SCHOOL’. Some of his friends he has been with since nursery, four and a half years ago, and he’s only six, so not bad going. It’s like me hanging out with people I met when I was ten.

So I spoke to the head teacher and we arranged that I would go in this morning and shoot a portrait of Will’s year group, that wasn’t on a mottled blue background, where the kids weren’t all scrubbed and combed, and weren’t made to smile at the funny fluffy elephant being waved around in the background by the photographers assistant (just me, on a wobbly stepladder). I hope to do this every year from now on, as I wish I had a shot like this of me and my friends when I was six.