Last post before I lock the door!

Before I leave, I need to promise my blog, myself, and anyone else that ever looks at this page, that I will at 12.01 on Jan 1st, be resolving to blog more next year. I have been RUBBISH! Not that I have been sitting around playing Grand Theft Auto, or even Pacman, I have been working away diligently, shooting shooting, editing, shooting, editing…and my poor humble blog has as usual had to take a back seat. However…

My last wedding before Christmas was an absolute dream. In December, you don’t expect to be outside in shirt sleeves wondering which part of the sunset to concentrate on, but that’s what happened – and Charlotte and Ciaran were so brilliant all day – it really was a fab way to end. I am running out the office to clean the boys’ mountain bikes for tomorrows trip to the woods – so rather in haste, here are some quick favourites that I couldn’t leave without sharing. Ha – I can see that they are all going to be out of order – but I have to go!!! Sorry!!

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year!







CS-046 15.47.01

CS-108 15.47.01

CS-128 15.47.01

CS-199 15.47.01

CS-224 15.47.01