Music for your Wedding Day – Olivia Bowlby

Over the last couple of hundred weddings I have come across a few people who provide a service that jumps out at me. The occasional florist, the slightly more occasional cake designer, bands, chefs and the odd man (or woman) of the cloth. Back in May I had the pleasure of witnessing something new, which I have to say doesn’t often happen, and certainly caught my ear.

Zoe and Richard got married in the very wonderful All Saints Church in Fulham. During the signing of the register the congregation were treated to a beautiful piano piece played by a friend of the Bride and Groom, Olivia Bowlby.

I was taking pictures of the signing and couldn’t help but admire the sensitivity and beauty of the music. I took some pictures of Olivia playing, and spoke to her later in the day. I was amazed to discover that the music had actually been written by her especially for Zoe and Richard on their wedding day.

Now..I don’t plug too many people, but I really did think this deserved shouting from the rooftops. Following the success (and rapturous applause throughout the church!) Olivia has since decided that she would like to offer her services writing bespoke music for weddings more in the future.

Here are some of my photographs from the church.

…and here’s Olivia’s info….

“I started playing the piano at a young age and wrote my first piece of music when I was 8. I have studied music since I was 16 at A level, before graduating with a BA honours in Music from Newcastle University in 2005.

I have always loved composing and am extremely interested in many types of music especially modern classical and film music.

I am currently writing bespoke music for weddings and any other special event. The piece of music that I write for you is only for you, and will not be used again. I will play this to you on a piano while you sign your names in the register. I will then record it on CD and you will have it forever.

If there is no piano in the church, I can bring my own keyboard and PA system. I am based in London but happy to travel.”

Olivia Bowlby June 2010

I can’t recommend her highly enough, speaking as one who has heard her play in a huge church to a couple of hundred people. In retrospect, knowing that the music was unique to Zoe and Richard, the moment is all the more memorable. I will soon be posting a Zoe and Richard slideshow featuring their piece, so you can all put your feet up and have a listen 🙂

Olivia’s contact details as follows:

Telephone: 07867 990213