Just editing and doing post production on Mel & Al’s wedding – I am very excited about this set of pictures. All the elements of the wedding from a photographic viewpoint were perfect. The couple and their constant permagrins, the outdoor light, the spacious church with huge windows either side, Reverend Nigel the friendliest of vicars, a fantastically well run location, and easy guests who let me get on with my job, without jumping in front of my camera shouting “take a Picture of Me!”. Its great when you feel welcome enough to stand in amongst everybody with a camera, and nobody bats an eyelid. That’s when you get the really fun, intimate, action filled images.

More on this wedding tomorrow, but I wanted to show you the difference between an unprocessed shot, and the final image. Pembroke Lodge, apart from being a spectacular venue, is notorious amongst photographers for its intense lighting during speeches. It looks great when you are there, but ‘on film’ can look distinctly dodgy. 

So here is the Before…..


and here is the After….


Did I mention that you can shoot in a broom cupboard with the lights off with the 5DMk2? Uh-oh – nerd alert!!