Liz and Donny’s Teepee Wedding in West Sussex

A great day spent in the company of two lovely folk, including many of my most favourite things – jelly beans, bell tents, a pork pie cake, liberal doses of sunshine, two firepits, fairy lights, sausage and mash, and catering by the awesomeness that is Jacaranda. I have never shot a Teepee Wedding until Saturday, and although I wouldn’t want to go backpacking with one, it was a fabulous piece of work. Not the sort of thing you expect to see in your back garden of a regular Saturday morning, but fabulous all the same. It was also lovely to see couples and parents from other weddings I have photographed at East Sussex castles and St Tropez chateaux.

Liz said “We just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful photos of the
wedding – we absolutely love them and they really capture the atmosphere and
happiness of the day. Considering we both normally run away from a camera
you made it incredibly easy and natural and totally got the style and feel
we wanted. Everyone has commented on how great you were and those who have
seen the pics love them too. We just wish we could do it all again as the
day goes far too fast! Once again thank you for everything and making sure we have wonderful
memories of the best day ever!!”

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