Judith & Rob – Stowe School

What an incredible venue. I was at a loss for words when I met Rob & Jude for the first time at Stowe two days before the wedding. Everything seemed as if it had been built for godlike giants, as opposed to a bunch of inky fingered prep schoolers. I texted Jude later to say I had been in the pub boring my friends with details of how photographically mindblowing the school is, and she texted back saying she’d been in the pub boring her friends about my reaction. I like that.

Another hot sunny day, which ended in an impromptu game of rounders on the grass at the foot of the vast steps, an incredible spectacle – not least the glowing sunset light – more the sight of a bride in a not insubstantially flowing gown, smacking the hell out of a tennis ball with a cricket bat and scoring a home run. It’s not something I can say I have ever seen before and marked the start of the evening in true style. A wonderful wedding, helped along by the venue of all venues and a couple who were just very happy to be happy.

2 cans of Red Bull on the way home. I thought it’s supposed to keep you awake??!  Maybe the Cafe Del Mar Dreams Vol 4 was the problem. Next week……The Gaslight Anthem!!