Hengrave Hall Photographer – Diana & Martin

Back up to Hengrave for the wedding of Diana & Martin. They had pondered on the virtues of getting married at Highclere Castle, but I stuck my oar in as far as I could and extolled the benefits of Hengrave as a wedding venue. I have no illusions that they based their decision on my preferences, but at Hengrave Hall they wed, and at Hengrave Hall I shot. It was my first of ten so far booked at Hengrave this year, and a great way to start.

Even on a day when the sun isn’t exactly on the guestlist, the light at Hengrave is still phenomenal. All soft yet contrasty, making a lighting ubergeek like myself very happy. Here are some favourites, and the whole story here.

Happy honeymoon Mr & Mrs McH!