HELEN & JOHAN – Phyllis Court, Henley – Wedding Photography

Helen and Johan had another one of those bizarre supersunny April Saturdays for their wedding that took place at my local church St Mary’s in Old Amersham, followed by a reception at the beautifully located Phyllis Court, right on the river in Henley on Thames. It was great fun working for the first time with Rev. Tim Harper, who I know well from my boys’ school. He gave me a backstage pass and said I could shoot from wherever I wanted. Happy days!

Phyllis Court was a welcoming and spacious venue, great for wedding photography, and we tootled around the gardens by the river in the  sunshine. There was a small gathering in attendance for a ‘senior’ wedding over in the corner of the garden, and everybody was able to wish everybody else well, which was a refreshing change from being herded away from a second wedding by terrified wedding planners.

The Icelandic volcano travel nightmare was in full swing that day, and the speeches were full of tales of daring and derring-do, relating to the many exciting adventures the guests had encountered on the way to Henley (mainly in Spain, Africa and on the M25).

Here are some pictures – you’ll find the whole story here on my website…..these are just some of my favourite images. I have reduced the size of the pictures this week, to help loading speed.