Hedsor House Wedding Photography – Hannah & Neil July ’11

Back at Hedsor House, a stunning venue refreshingly local to me. Hannah & Neil’s day started with some strange wet stuff falling heavily out of the sky, I’m not sure what it was, but it made everyone a bit soggy getting to the church, especially me and Martin the lovely videoguy from Posterity. However whatever it was, it wasn’t to last and it stayed away until it really didn’t matter anymore because we were all tucked up inside the cosy haven of Hedsor.

Hannah & Neil live in Australia so it was down to Hannah’s parents to organise the wedding entirely and remotely. I met Hannah & Neil for the first time on Mel’s computer via skype – quite an experience trying to show how you don’t blow the highlights and keep detail in the shadows whilst pointing one laptop at another laptop and trying to eat a chocolate biscuit and drink tea politely…but we managed it and here we are.

Jenny Hannah’s mum very kindly presented me with a goody bag of Fruit Pastilles and Sport Gums (sport?? eh?!) held together with an elastic band, right in the middle of shooting the family pictures. I did my best to keep my mind on the job at hand, but I had a sugar fuelled trip home and no mistake.

The sun broke out later on and Hedsor House did what it does best, host a fab wedding with fun frolics and good cheer. A Hedsor sunset, gardens green beyond green, and not forgetting a beautiful wedding breakfast provided by my wonderful friends Greg and Liz at Cavendish Events. Mmmmmm-MM!