Hedsor House Photography – Justine & Colin’s September Wedding Pt 2

Another Top 20 images from Justine’s wedding at Hedsor House, my 3rd there that month. I returned in the evening to find cocktails with straws, the impeccable Hedsor lighting in the main hall, never a disappointment, the torches burning on the front steps and the whole exterior of the building lit up like a beacon. The evening guests arrived while the happy couple stayed upstairs in the bridal suite. Colin redid his tie.

And then, in one of the more memorable moments of my wedding photography career, Justine and her husband descended the majestic (and very nicely redecorated) Hedsor staircase to the booming sound of the original Star Wars theme. Pure genius. Speeches were given from the staircase and the revelling began – culminating in an awesome display of silly besunglassed dancing, with the odd snorkel and mask thrown in. I think the good nature of the photoboth operator should be noted at this point.

Colin asked me to get a shot of Justine drinking from the vodka luge – she politely declined claiming she was not in the market for a faceful of vodka at that point in the evening. So our groom decided that it would be prudent to pour water down the luge, just so we can get the photo. Justine reluctantly agreed, and took position. Meanwhile in a cunning David Copperfield style show of deftness, Colin switched the drinks, replacing the water with the vodka, and down it went. Please see the photograph near the bottom and admire Colin’s expression of glee. Another great night at Hedsor, thanks as ever to all the staff for looking after me so well.