Hedsor House – Mel & Dan's Summer Wedding

Views of Hedsor House
Another colourful spectacular at Hedsor House – lovely and sunny (remember that yellow thing up in the sky?) and full of fun. We went a bit off piste to get Mel and Dan’s portraits – they hopped out of the car half way down the drive and we took advantage of the long grass and hillocks (hummocks??) in the rather unexpected summery weather. Long grass is the new veil in the wind is the new black is the new going out is the new staying in etc etc.

I also found a few views that I hadn’t seen before, which after some 30 weddings at Hedsor surprised me somewhat – but the proof is in the pudding, see above, and below.

An amazing Hedsor sunset graced the final half of the speeches, filling the room with an incredible glow, only then to be outdone by the superb lighting in the main hall – but that was the ‘man with big van loads of equipment plug-in electric with lots of gaffer tape and black stands’ type of light, so maybe not quite so ethereal. Either way – lots of good light from all directions at Hedsor House – and all good for wedding photography…