Hampden House Wedding Photography – Single File

I have just had a meeting with PJ and Alice, whose wedding I am shooting in August. Alice’s sister Kate got married at the super awesome Hampden House last summer. We talked about the pictures I’d taken at the Hampden House wedding, in particular the shots of Kate’s dress taken in the hallway as she was getting ready at her parent’s home in the Buckinghamshire hills.

I wanted to see this picture again, as last summer I blogged almost nothing due to being an ‘Actual Professional Superbusy Actually Shooting Weddings Not Busy Teaching Other Very Not Busy Part Time Wedding Photographers How To Shoot Actual Proper Weddings Wedding Photographer’® – so an awful lot of photographs have passed by unseen.

So I love this picture because it is completely unposed, yet looks a bit like a traditional painting, yet has an iPhone and a Dad reflection and Alice doing up a bow in it aswell. Looking forward to shooting Alice and PJ’s wedding at Eynsham Hall in August!