Ham Polo Club Wedding Photography

Claire and Roberto only went and picked the hottest day of the year so far for their gorgeous summery shindig at the supercool (even in 85⋅c) Ham Polo Club. Everywhere I looked were familiar faces from past weddings, always makes me feel at home, and also a bride whose wedding I am shooting in September, so I made sure I was on my VERY BEST BEHAVIOUR, right Annabel?

Since Saturday I have instigated a new award scheme – because there just aren’t enough awards flying around in the world of wedding photography…(Top Winter Wedding Photographer, Best Self Proclaimed Best Wedding Photographer, Most Nattily Dressed Wedding Photographer, Best Use of Pork Pie by Wedding Photographer, Top Biggest Bag Wedding Photographer, and of course the fabled I’m In The Top Ten of UK Wedding Photographers award, as dreamt up by a UK wedding photographer naturally….).

So. Now we have ‘Best in Wedding Photography: Mother of the Bride’. There has only been one round so far and in fact after Saturday I am going to knock it on the head. Unless any future M-O-Bs can top the most excellent hospitality I received from Claire’s mum in the shape of a constant supply of Jelly Beans.

She handed me the first tin when I arrived at the house, saying “I hope these are still your favourites”. I thanked her and said of course, but I was befuddled for an hour or two – until she later told me that she had read on my blog that I liked Jelly Beans! Well that post was nearly three years ago – so big respect to Lyn for trawling through that far! She then proceeded to feed me mini tins of Jelly Beans during the day, and this morning a card of thanks turned up on the doorstep, and from it I quote “Found more Jelly Beans – enjoy in peace!!”  Two more tins! How cool is that?

Just for the record, any future M-O-Bs reading this perchance, I do love Jelly Beans, I also have a constant hankering for Wine Gums (Maynards), and a deep rooted addiction to Fruitellas. I do find that consumption of any of these types of confectionary  tends to result in even more stunning photographs of your daughter on her wedding day.

Claire and Roberto are in somewhere lovely (I try to lose honeymoon details deep in my subconscious – it could drive a man insane hearing every single week, sometimes twice, that the people one has been hanging out with are going off to the South Pacific for a fortnight…) and can’t get online, so I am having to hide the photographs until they get home….