Gemma and Rich!! I salute you! This is how you do your wedding if it decides to chuck it down all day long. Smile smile smile and ENJOY YOURSELVES!! Nothing was going to stop these two having the day of their lives and I have never seen a bride deal with weather so admirably. The heavens opened at about 11am, and were still open when I left at 11pm – but so was the bar, and thus, all was good.

We managed to shoot the family shots under the lychgate at the gorgeous church in Meonstoke, with a huge amount of good cheer from all, and Gemma & Rich were happy to scoot out under one of my arsenal of umbrellas for the bride and groom shots. There was a 5 minute gap later when we got the Sherborne / Hen Party / Oz Crew / Mirabel Road posses together, and although it was fast, it was fun, and it was probably only me that got the cascade from the marquee gutter down his neck. Why do you think the Hen party were laughing so much?

For the second time this year I experienced the truly awesome Fake Tan in action – you really haven’t heard Hungry Like The Wolf until you have heard Fake Tan do it. Apart from…er… Springsteen in Hyde Park, this was easily the best gig I have seen this year….(not that a wedding is a gig exactly, but you get the picture) 🙂 Brides to be, track them down and book them now!

Loads of favourites, here are a few of them:


Gemma’s father said….“It was a pleasure to meet you, and what an absolutely brilliant and professional service. The photographs are all memorable – well done! P.S. I now know why you do not need to advertise!”