Gayle & Ash – Stoke Park Club – 29/08/09


Ashton said : “The photos are…..  Well basically amazing. They are amazing in every way; you have managed to capture the day in such a memorable way that it feels like we are there all over again.”

You may or may not know that I love a good veil shot. I do try to encourage a bride to let the veil fly if that’s what it wants to do. It’s just plain mean not to allow a veil to do what it wants on its big day out, so I say let it go, foof it up, run forrest run, ‘n all that.

Another lovely day at Stoke Park Club, special thanks to Gayle’s veil. Not so special thanks to the limo company, who made the wedding run 25 minutes late because they couldn’t find the church (sheesh…you have ONE thing to do guys…), after the ceremony had parked up in the exact opposite place to where I had asked him to, so the confetti chucking was in jeopardy (disaster!!), and then drove so fast to Stoke Park Club that Ash spilt champagne all over his suit when taking a corner. I could name and shame, but I’ll just say watch out for the wedding car company with the nice cars and the driver in a suit.