Katie & Hugo at Orchardleigh – 18 07 09

Katie booked me over a year ago – and we met up a few months back for the first time. When I arrived for the prep photography I was good to see Katie placed right in front of an enormous window, in a spacious room, with her amazing dress hung up on the end of a palatial four poster bed. If Carlsberg made bridal prep rooms, this was it. I met the boys downstairs where they happily sat for a ‘Rupert Everett meets Brideshead Revisited meets the Godfather’ Ushers n Best Man shot – the fug of cigar smoke hung low over the snooker table – actually, it didn’t, it just felt like that. Very cool.

Cute church, friendly vicar, sunshine pops on as they come outside after the service, all the good stuff. We all but cheated the forecasted thunderstorms – sorry, but the weathermen are RUBBISH at their job. Glad I can do mine better than they do theirs. We got the umbrellas out for a minute but it was nothing to fret about and we had fun.

There were an inordinate amount of guests with cameras at Katie’s wedding, and at one point I was wondering what they thought I was actually doing there. I imagine they were doing what I used to do….”I’ll get some lovely shots for Katie and Hugo, and present them in a little album as a gift, and they’ll be much better than the silly old wedding photographer’s….” ……Okaaaaayyyyy……they will be if you insist on standing directly in front of me……(not you Hamish, not you)

Orchardleigh is a beautiful venue, and these guys suited it down to the ground. We got some lovely sunset time outside, and finished with a few shots looking down over the guests from Katie and Hugo’s balcony in the evening light.

Red Bull all the way home and a new album by Paolo Nutini. Very nice. Although the Snickers was probably a little unnecessary, sometimes its good to reward yourself after a long day in the office 🙂
Katie’s mum said (in a lovely letter!) “Thankyou for all your hard work during the wedding. We appreciated your calm style and unobtrusiveness. We love the photos and they are continually playing on my computer. Katie will be thrilled to see them on her return from honeymoon. Many thanks once again. It was a joy to have you around to share our special day.”