Blenheim Palace Wedding Photography – Elaina & Ian

img_1425Elaina & Ian got married at Blenheim Palace – a fantastic location for wedding photography, here is a link to the full gallery.

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It was a great day – we escaped the nightmare wind and rain that swept in later that night, and although Elaina was getting a tad chilly outside, she didn’t grumble once, and gets my 2009 Award for Bridal Bravery and Acheivement in Pursuit of the Perfect Picture (Gemma coming a close second). Blenheim is an awesome (in the true sense of the word) location – the light even on a dark winters day is so interesting in the colonnades, and the mix of orange and blue as the daylight fades is lovely. A special mention for the greatest cake I have ever seen – a three tiered Pork Pie cake which was given its own grand reveal. I had to stand next to it during the speeches, and please let it be known that with the use of self delusional mind games and some gaffer tape, I managed to stop myself from just putting it under my arm and running off the premises with it. Tricky… but I managed.

Here are some favourites of mine, and also a rather lovely slideshow if you click here

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