This was a spectacular day! Claire’s attention to detail was remarkable, the marquee as breathtaking as I have ever seen. Flower arrangements floating in the pool, stiltwalkers, palm trees, human statues, a custom built sweetshop for the kids (nearly wrote sweatshop there!), and wherever you looked there was something to make you go ‘wow’. The day started for me with a very kind bacon sandwich from Claire’s dad, and ended with the incredible magic tricks of Sean Alexander – I had backstage access and even I couldn’t work out how he was squashing himself down to the size of a cereal box….

Claire and Alex were a great laid back couple – Claire is a wedding photographer herself, so the pressure was on, but she never stepped out of her role as bride, and was lovely to photograph. I have always wanted to shoot on the bridge at Marlow, and so we did, with just enough wind to get the ol’ veil flying around, which you know I love.

Most of the members of Iron Maiden were on the guest list, and it tickled me as I walked back to my car, that there was a heavy rock band playing off the back of a lorry at the town fete not 400 yards away. Little did they know who might have heard their version of ‘Run to The Hills’ had the wedding music stopped at any point! 🙂